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About Us

Companies in receivership was set up specifically so people looking for Businesses never miss any opportunities. They are all presented in a clear and concise way so you can make an informed decision on suitability.

By collating all the relevant information from a wide range of sources we are able to mail it out immediately so opportunities are not missed. These can be geographic, by sector, or by keyword. Quite often without any kind of notifications it is impossible to keep an eye out for all the new opportunities that come up.

This site was built from necessity; a few years ago we were in discussions to buy a business that we were interested in for in excess of £1m. We were unable to agree on a price at the time as there was a difference in real and perceived value from the owners. The business that we wanted to buy continued to rapidly expand. In 2011 it had trebled its turnover but had run into cash flow issues. After a failed investment round it fell into receivership and we later found out that it had been sold for less than £300,000 a fraction of its real value. Had we have known that this company was available we would have certainly tried to buy it.

For the general public it is difficult to find these opportunities and most receivers will act quickly so speed is of the essence. We include the last lot of accounts for any opportunities that we send out. This saves you time effort and money in quickly establishing if the opportunity is worth perusing.

Good luck with the hunt!