companies in administration

Companies With Most Recent Notices

Company Name Status Region Sector SIC Codes
RENT A CAR 4U LIMITED Dissolved Lancashire Realestate 7110
ACCUBEAM CONTRACTS LTD Dissolved City of Bristol Construction 4525
BROOKSON (5060I) LIMITED Dissolved Trafford Realestate 7487
REEL AND SHAFT HANDLING CO LIMITED Dissolved Greater Manchester Manufacturing 2922
SHALIMAR SHOES LIMITED Dissolved City of London Wholesale 5142,5243
NEOWARE UK LIMITED Dissolved City of London Realestate 7221
SANDWICH & BUFFET (UK) LIMITED Liquidation Essex Accomodation 5552
CORNERCARE REALISATIONS LIMITED Dissolved Birmingham Manufacturing 3663
NEWMAN AND STOKES LTD Dissolved Hartlepool Transportation 6412
HUDSON GLOBAL PLC Liquidation Lancashire Realestate 7011
PANDALA SERVICES LIMITED Dissolved Greater London Administrative 85590
THE WOODEN WINDOW COMPANY (SALES) LIMITED Liquidation Warwickshire Construction 4542
WILLSTRAND LTD Liquidation West Sussex Manufacturing 3720
MEADFOUR LIMITED Dissolved Kent Accomodation 5510
R.K. CARBON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Dissolved City of London Manufacturing 2413,2470
ROBERT DAY AND COMPANY LIMITED Active Buckingham Realestate 82990
WYRE FOREST PET FOODS LIMITED Dissolved Birmingham Wholesale 47789
CENTRAL CONTRACTS (UK) LIMITED Dissolved Walsall Manufacturing 33190
KAZE LIMITED Dissolved Greater London Service 96020
THE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (SOUTH) LTD Dissolved Southampton Construction 43390
ICKNIELD WINDOWS LIMITED Dissolved Greater London Construction 4544
MEDITERRANEAN RESEARCH LIMITED Dissolved City of London Administrative 82990
LINE BUILDERS LIMITED Dissolved Greater London None 41100
SK BA LIMITED Dissolved Buckinghamshire Administrative 82990
TRENT CONCRETE LIMITED Dissolved Leeds Manufacturing 2661
TKR DECORATORS LIMITED Dissolved West Sussex Construction 43341
GCS SOUTHWEST LIMITED Dissolved Bolton Administrative 81210,81221
JFD PETROCHEMICALS LTD Dissolved Hartlepool Professional 70229
PACT WEALTH LIMITED Dissolved Buckingham Administrative 82990
CLEARWAY WASTE RECYCLING LTD Liquidation Bolton Administrative 82990
CARPETS AND FLOORING (WHOLESALE) LIMITED Dissolved Birmingham Wholesale 46470
GEMINI REALISATIONS LIMITED Dissolved Leeds Construction 43999
SURREY MUSTANG.COM LIMITED Dissolved Hampshire Wholesale 45190,45200
CODOHO LTD Dissolved Gloucestershire Information 62020
DELFINO RICE & GREEN LIMITED Dissolved Cardiff Manufacturing 10130,46240,46320
RED REDEMPTION LIMITED Liquidation Medway Information 58290
NORTH WEST BARS LIMITED Dissolved Greater London Accomodation 56302
POSIES LIMITED Dissolved Doncaster Wholesale 47760
MYRIAD CEG WIND LIMITED Dissolved Greater Manchester Service 96090
STG PREDECESSORS LIMITED Dissolved Sheffield Professional 70100
BT COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT LIMITED Dissolved Greater London Information 61900
JB CONSULTING LIMITED Dissolved South Gloucestershire Education 85590
PINNK (NE) LIMITED Dissolved Newcastle Upon Tyne Accomodation 56302
PROJECT 31 LIMITED Dissolved Solihull Manufacturing 31010
D & T DEVELOPMENTS LTD Liquidation Greater London Realestate 68209
KENNEDY LLOYD LIMITED Liquidation Bolton Administrative 82990
KELLY MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LIMITED Dissolved Worcestershire Financial 65300